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You can not change people, but you can lead them towards your goals in different ways.


  • Referees delegation
  • Match reports
  • Matches rescheduling
  • Simple import from Excel into application

  • Club registrations
  • Team registrations
  • Registration, confirmation, player's club membership at one spot.
  • Players licensing
  • No papers, everything online

  • Membership
  • Seminars, presence
  • Licenses
  • Payments
  • Simple and easy to manage

  • Membership
  • Seminars, presence
  • Licenses
  • Delegation
  • Reports
  • Grades
  • Payments

  • Possible connection to external services, webpages, applications etc.
  • You name it, we develop it
  • Mail logging
  • Different confirmations
  • Mailings
  • Templates database

    Every partner is a blank page that we start writing on.

    Do the step into the future of Federation managment.

    Technology can't substitute YOU, but it can make you DO MORE

    You are important to us! First thing we always ask is how can we help YOU! We care about people and for us you will never be just a number or just a customer.

    • Digital Management Solutions for Tomorrow
    • Support to all processes in your federation
    • We feel that you have an IDEA we can put it to LIFE!

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